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Knottylove was made by Joanne and Victoria with our own style in mind. What started out as a way to connect through crafting, turned into a way to connect with other women, mothers, and babies.


our vision


About us

We’re cousins that started crocheting together in January 2016 and decided to put our products out there! We developed Knottylove to share our love of crocheting and all things knotty ;) We find inspiration from things that we would wear, and from other creative minds.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! We love talking about what has helped us get to where we are today, and enjoy conversing with empowered women (and men)! 


I am the eldest cousin from a very large family. I am a hopeless romantic and married my highschool sweetheart circa 2005. I love to read, play golf, basketball, and am a closet geek (LOTR, HP fan girl, Hunger Games), and you can always catch me watching chick flicks. Crocheting has always been a sort of mental and physical therapy; it clears my mind and puts me at ease. Creating beautiful things makes me happy.​


Joanne taught me how to crochet in January 2016, which I picked up quickly! I had taught myself to knit, but I have to say, crocheting came so much easier to me. I find it relaxing, except when you’ve been crocheting for so long that your hands hurt (don’t do that!). I love creating new things, and it makes me happy to see people wanting and wearing our products. I also love chatting with empowered women and connecting with other local crocheters. I hope one day we’ll have our products in a store, but for now I’m happy with our website.


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